Share your time, talent, and strengthen your community

GiveGauge® Founders Joe and Deborah Mazur have always believed in serving their community, whether through volunteering or public service. Joe left corporate America in 2013 to pursue a career in executive leadership of several nonprofits serving Northeastern Ohio. Deborah has been working as a school psychologist in education since 2002. Joe quickly realized the challenges nonprofits face every day regarding recruiting volunteers to advance the mission of nonprofits and serve the community. Similarly, Deborah experienced a shift within schools to expand their reach to serve local communities more regularly. Joe and Deborah both realized there had to be a better way. Like all great business innovations, GiveGauge┬« became the answer to a real-life problem statement: How do we create a platform that will increase awareness of local nonprofits, better match people with volunteer opportunities and engage local corporations and schools in the efforts? We look forward to connecting mission-minded people and companies with opportunities to strengthen our communities through the charitable work of nonprofits.