Connecting nonprofits, companies, schools and members

Making giving your time as easy as possible

What's your GiveGauge®?

Helping members "gauge" their contributions with detailed analytics

Increase community engagement

Challenge each other to drive participation

Benefits to Volunteers

  • • Quick access to volunteer opportunities
  • FREE, Easy sign-up
  • • Participate in challenges
  • • Track donated time
  • • Feel connected to something bigger

Benefits to Nonprofits

  • • Turnkey solution to connect with volunteers
  • • Easy entry of events and opportunities
  • • Communication tools
  • • Track sign-ups and hours donated
  • • And much more

Benefits to Companies

  • • Turnkey solution to connect and drive employee engagement
  • • Detailed analytics to deepen your employee understanding
  • • Create fun-friendly challenges within your company to encourage community engagement
  • • Feature specific volunteer opportunities unique to your company

Benefits to Schools

  • • Turnkey solution to connect and drive student engagement
  • • Detailed reports to showcase to the community the school commitment
  • • Create fun-friendly challenges within your school to encourage community engagement
  • • Feature specific volunteer opportunities unique to your students


  • • Generate excitement and engagement through friendly member-created challenges

Communication Tools

  • • Quickly and easily recruit volunteers
  • • Share important event details, and send reminders through GiveGauge®’s seamless communication tools

Welcome to GiveGauge®

GiveGauge® is an exciting new social platform connecting people with big hearts, charitable mindsets, and a willingness to serve their communities. Designed with the volunteer in mind, GiveGauge® effortlessly connects volunteers, nonprofits, schools and companies - enabling a more efficient, fun way to stay networked and engaged while providing organizations in need of assistance where and when they need it most.

Showcase your efforts while developing and strengthening a deeper sense of community with our GiveGauges. We realize that many of you strive to share your time and talents with the world around us. The ways in which we can all give back are many, and the benefits to people, families and communities around us are countless.

Here’s what to expect when you choose GiveGauge®:

  • • A turnkey solution for connecting volunteers, nonprofits, companies, and schools to countless volunteer opportunities
  • • Valuable analytics such as, employee hours volunteered, lifetime records, and much more with out-of-the-box reports
  • • Customized profiles featuring nonprofits opportunities of your choice
  • • Organized and managed competition to increase involvement and engagement through fun-friendly challenges. Compete against other volunteers, schools, companies, or communities
  • • Communication tools that make integrating GiveGauge® effortless and seamless

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