What’s your Nonprofit’s GiveGauge®?

GiveGauge® helps you develop and strengthen a deeper sense of community by providing a turnkey solution for connecting your nonprofit to companies, schools, and individuals seeking volunteer opportunities.

Here's what to expect when you choose GiveGauge®:

  • Sort feature to provide a focused list of local volunteer opportunities
  • Increased awareness of your mission
  • Showcase your impact
  • Recruit and engage volunteers with specific skill sets
  • Connect with schools and volunteers to increase your impact and gain support
  • Connect with companies in your community looking to fulfill corporate social responsibility goals that match your nonprofit profile
  • Create challenges between groups, companies and individuals to keep engagement and excitement high
  • Validation of volunteer engagement and a social recognition/reward program
  • Built in communication planner and delivery system
  • Ability to turn elements off and on based on your need

GiveGauge® will take the work of recruiting volunteers off your plate. Our virtual community connects your organization to a diverse range of like-minded individuals. Today, people are looking to make a difference through their work, families, and communities – seeking local opportunities to give back and be part of something bigger.

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