What's your School’s GiveGauge®?

GiveGauge® is a new internet platform designed to boost your student and staff engagement while showcasing your efforts in developing and strengthening a deeper sense of community within your school district! Simply put, giving back contributes to the greater good of our local communities, and enables students and staff to feel connected to improving the world around them.

Here's what to expect when you choose GiveGauge®

  • A turnkey solution for connecting your students and staff to countless local volunteer opportunities and leadership development
  • Valuable analytics such as student hours volunteered, validation of volunteered hours, student and staff interests and lifetime volunteer records
  • Customized school district profiles featuring nonprofit opportunities of your choice
  • Organized and managed competitions to increase involvement and engagement through fun-friendly challenges. Compete against classmates, classrooms, schools, or other districts
  • An increase in volunteers from your community
  • Communication tools that make integrating GiveGauge® effortless and seamless

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